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NDC urges youth to use social media for political message propagation

The National Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), George Opare Addo, has advised young members of the party to use social media as a tool to spread the party's message to the people of Ghana.

Mr. Addo gave this admonition while addressing NDC constituency youth organizers and regional youth working committee members at a capacity-building workshop and retreat held in Wa.

During his speech, Mr. Addo urged young members of the party to improve their social media presence by sharing the good works and messages of the NDC.

He also noted that 62 percent of the youth who will be voting in the upcoming elections use their mobile phones as their primary source of information.

“When you wake up in the morning and you are looking for information, where do you first go and look for the information? How many of us go and turn on our radio or TV in the morning when we are looking for information? So what it means is that today new media [social media] is where everybody goes to seek information from.”

“As youth organizers and working committee members, every morning, everyday use your social media handles to send one positive message about the things NDC is preaching,” he added.

He explained that in politics, negative campaigns are not effective. According to him, the more negative campaigns you run about your opponent, the more you make them popular.

He appealed to the youth in the NDC to focus on spreading the party's messages instead of engaging in negative campaigns against their opponents.

“In politics there is no negative campaign, the more negative campaigns you do the more popular you make your opponent. I’m a victim of it and it worked for me and a lot of people have experienced it.

“If not anything, in 2016 if you recall the kalypo campaign, kalypo made Akufo-Addo more popular. When we thought we were mocking him, those of you who recall…it started as mocking Akufo-Addo, but it gave him sympathy.”

He noted that the NDC instead of selling its messages to Ghanaians in 2016 was focused on negative campaigns against then-presidential candidate, Akufo-Addo.

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