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Nakor residents turn to dugout drinking as borehole breakdown persists

Residents of the Nakor community near Piisi in the Wa West District are calling on the district assembly to address the pressing water crisis they are facing.

With both boreholes in the community out of operation, the community has resorted to using dugout water for their daily domestic needs, including cooking and drinking.

Madam Susana Selboma, a resident of Nakor, highlighted the strain on the boreholes due to the community's population, emphasizing their vulnerability to frequent breakdowns.

She expressed their awareness of the health risks associated with using dugout water but emphasized the lack of alternatives.

"It is true that we are currently drinking from a dugout because our boreholes have stopped working. With the lack of rain, the dugouts are drying up, leaving us with limited options. One of the major challenges we are facing here in Nakor is access to water."

Another resident, Mr. John Dapilaah Pandon, voiced concerns about having to share water sources with animals, raising fears of waterborne diseases.

“Sometimes the animals drink and then urinate or defecate in the water, and we are forced to drink from the same source. This is causing numerous diseases within our community.”

Madam Sella Selboma further underscored the impact on children, noting that they frequently suffer from stomach pains due to the quality of the water.

This situation emphasizes the urgent need for intervention to provide safe and reliable water sources in the Nakor community.

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