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Lazy Road Contractors in Ghana to Lose their Jobs

The Minister for Roads and Highways, Kwesi Amoako Attah has called on the Ghana Highway Authority to terminate and blacklist contractors who are delaying in executing their contracts.

He explained he has the moral right to take such actions against lazy contractors.

The Minister who was in the Savannah region to inspect ongoing road projects said, he was unhappy the way some contractors were unnecessarily delaying the execution of their contracts.

He explained the ministry will not entertain such lazy attitude from contractors anymore.

He charged the Chief Director of the Ghana Highways Authority not to hesitate in terminating all delaying contracts.

“We mean business with our roads and any contractor who is lazy and unwilling to execute his contract should be terminated and blacklisted” he directed.

He added:”Delete them and if they don’t understand, they should contact me. I have the moral right to sack them”

The minister also blamed engineers of Ghana Highways Authority for sleeping on their job.

He explained that roads constitute the pivot around which the development of the country revolves hence the need to put more seriousness in the sector.

Mr. Amoako Attah said the Akuffo Addo led government is serious and in hurry to deliver roads to the people.

Meanwhile, two new bridges in Yapei and Buipe expected to cost 68 million dollars has been awarded on contract.

Mr. Amoako Attah revealed work on the bridges will begin simultaneously in two weeks.

He later inspected work on the 53 kilometers Busunu – Daboya road, Daboya – Mankarigu road and other road projects in the region.

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