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Lack of Delivery Facility at Goli Compel Pregnant Women to Deliver at Homes

Women of Goli have expressed disappointment in the inability of their health facility to support them in time of delivery. This they said is due to the lack of a delivery ward at their health facility. The women also alluded that, the only midwife at the facility who used to conduct skilled delivery services has been transferred to a different health facility , leaving them without any delivery specialist to attend to the during labour .

Speaking in an interview with Info News at the community, some of the women noted that they have to walk to Serkpere or Nadowli for skilled delivery services.

The situation according to them poses a serious challenge to their lives as some of the women deliver at home or on the way to the facility at Serkpere or Nadowli.

The women have therefore called on the government and the Nadowli/Kaleo district assembly to help equip their health facility to support them in time of delivery

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