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Kaleo in Urgent Need of Drains

Residents of Kaleo in the Nadowli-Kaleo District have raised concerns about the lack of drainage systems in the community to control the flow of rainwater. They said the lack of drains along the main Wa-Kaleo road within the Kaleo township causes flood in residential areas whenever it rains. The community members expressed their concerns in an interview with Info Radio in the community. They thus appealed to the necessary stakeholders including the highway authority to consider constructing drains along the main road to save their houses from collapsing

Mr Yengdeme Eugene, a residents of Kaleo speaking to Info Radio said the lack of proper drains leads to quarrel among some people whenever it rains since every person tries to prevent the water from entering his or her house and ends up directing the water into another person's house.

He said the situation is of great concern to them.

However, the Assembly Member for the Kaleo East Electoral Area, Mr Fusca Nengkpeng speaking on the issue , said he has made several follow ups to the Highway Authority for the problem to be addressed but the authorities are not paying heed to their concerns.

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