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Info Radio Set to Organize the Biggest Music Festival in the Upper West Region

Upper West leading Radio Station Info Radio 91.1FM has hinted of organizing the maiden edition of Upper West Music Festival.

The Info Radio Upper West Music Festival is a 2- days community inspired competitive Music Festival which is expected to feature the best and the brightest of musicians from all communities in the Upper West Region.

The event will features popular and influential musicians selected each from the 11 districts/municipalities of the Upper West Region for a magnetic live performance on main stage as well as guest influential artist of northern extraction.

According to the management of Info Radio, The primary aim of the event is to promote unity and diversity in the Upper West Region through music leveraging on the International Youth Day which falls on Saturday 12 August, 2023.

The Upper West Music Festival event is planned to be held at the Wa Jubilee Park and broadcast live on radio across the entire Upper West Region, parts of the Savanna Region and streamed live on multiple online streaming platforms.

The events is expected to bring together over 5000 music lovers with over 600,000 active audience both on radio and online streaming platforms.

The managing Director of Info Radio Mr. Gabriel Mwini who is the lead event architect in a statement said ‘Music is a therapy for the soul, music is a universal language that binds us all together despite all our differences. Through this Info Radio Upper West music festival, we are hopeful that, the event will be able to foster unity among residents and re-ignite the creative abilities of musicians in the Upper West Region.

So far, thousands of music lovers and musicians across the Upper West Region has welcomed the news of the music festival and expressed their anticipation of the upcoming biggest music event in the region.

So far, several companies and business have expressed interest in sponsoring and partnering with the upcoming Info Radio Upper West Music Festival.

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