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Ghana Government Must Adopt Self-Quarantine Strategy for All Travelers to Save Cost

Ghanaian authorities must encourage self-quarantine to all travelers who travel into the country from COVID-19 affected countries . The current situation whereby government spend huge sums of money as hotel cost for mandatory quarantine for all travelers who enter the country cannot be considered as an efficient management of the country's scarce resources in these difficult economic times.

The government of Ghana should encourage more travelers who enter the country with the means and capacity to self-quarantine in their various homes after meeting the condition of self-quarantine protocols such having their own room, toilet and bath, and the observation of all COVID-19 protocols whiles in self-quarantine. Big economies like the USA, Germany, UK, South Korea etc are all using the strategy of self-quarantine for all travelers who enters their country to minimize the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their individual countries. The government of Ghana should implement the Ghana Health Service Self-Quarantine guide to cost -efficiently manage our COVID-19 cases .

Opinion: By Gabriel Mwini

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