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Farmers at Kpalworgu accuse nomadic Fulani herdsmen of thwarting farming activities

Some farmers in Kpalworgu in the Wa East District have expressed worry over the prevalence of Fulani Herdsmen in the community, saying the menace is thwarting their farming activities.

In an interview with Info Radio at the community, the residents who are predominately farmers, say their efforts towards farming were rendered futile by Fulani men and their cattle.

Mr. Ahmed Ali, a cashew farmer bemoaned that, a farmer could plant and nurture cashew, only to be destroyed by the Fulani cattle at midnight, adding that, if the owner of the destroyed farm is not aggressive, he or she would not benefit any compensation.

Mr. Ali therefore calls on the cattle owners, Fulani Community in the Area and those who brought them to take good care of the cattle.

Another resident, Mr. Abubakari Salia, on his part, revealed that despite the huge numbers of the cattle in the community, the Fulani men and their accomplices in the community hide a chunk of the cattle from the Wa East District Assembly’s Revenue Task Force.

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