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  • Philip Tengzu

Erratic rainfalls, high cost of farm inputs threat to food security – Agro-Economist

Dr. Iddrisu Yahaya, an Agricultural Economist, has maintained that the erratic rainfall pattern in northern Ghana and high cost of farm inputs across the country has posed a serious threat to food security in the country.

He said while the poor rainfall pattern could affect crop yield, the high cost of inputs such fertilizers and agrochemicals would deter farmers from venturing into high fertilizer demanding crops such as maize and rather producing crops like soybeans.

Dr. Yahaya, a researcher with the Wa office of the Savanna Agricultural Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Institute (CSIR-SARI), said this in an interview with Info Radio in Wa.

He explained that the country is going to have some crops in abundant and the main staple, which maize, rice sorghum and millet which depend on fertilizer will reduce and based on that there is going to be risk of availability of our staple food.

The Agricultural Economist therefore advised farmers to focus on increasing productivity with less farm size rather than wanting increasing production with many acres which would affect yield.

He therefore urged the government to priorities the agricultural sector as it could change economic situation of the country whether we like it or not.

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