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Charia Residents Cry Over Government Neglect

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The Chiefs and people of Charia community in the Wa Municipality are appealing to the government and the Wa Municipal Assembly to as a matter of urgency fix their deplorable roads.

According to residents of Charia, successive governments have failed to attend to their needs. They say, several promises made by the Assembly to construct the road from Charia - Wa have not yield any positive results.

They also complained about shortage of water that has hit the community for long . A situation that according to them get worse during the dry season.

This came to light when the Assemblyman for Charia Electoral Area made a donation to the Charia health facility.

Members of the charia community have therefore call on natives of the community in the diaspora and those within the country to emulate the good example of the Assemblyman by mobilising funds to aid in the development to the community.

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