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Charia Assemblyman Mobilised 40,000 Cedis worth of Items for Charia Health Centre.

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The Assemblyman for Charia Electoral Area honourable Theophilus Azaanaag has been able to mobilised health items worth 40,000 Ghana Cedis for the Charia Health centre.

The items includes 2 beds, 2 mattress, OPD chairs, Delivery buckets, Orthopedic beds, Dining tables among others. Speaking to Info Radio the In-charge at the Charia facility, Mr. Abdulraman Adams said the items came in at the right time to help augment some of challenges facing the facility.

He also called on the Assemblyman to help the facility get a maternity ward which the health center currently do not have .

Some residents of Charia speaking to Info Radio expressed appreciation to the assemblyman for mobilizing the items to support the smooth operation of the Charia health center.

The Assemblyman Hon. Theophilus speaking toInfo Radio disclosed that, the NPP Wa central parliamentary candidate Hajia Umu Awudu and Lawyer Ongoh Speratus supported him with the items after he made a personal appeal on behalf of the Charia health center.

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