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Basic Need Ghana Calls For The Inclusion Mental Illness Into NHIS

The Project Coordinator for Basic Needs Ghana, Madam Lillian Kuutiero has advocated for the inclusion of persons with mental illness into the National Health Insurance Scheme. According to her persons with Mental Disorder has the right to enjoyed their Sexual and Reproductive Health Right

The Basic Needs Ghana Project Coordinator said , just as any other human being; Persons with Mental Disorder also have human rights, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights which must be respected.

Madam Kuutiero said this in an Interview with Info Radio on the sidelines of sensitisation training for health personnel on the Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of Persons with Mental Disorder in Wa. She noted that the rights of such persons were abused with some unscrupulous invidicals forcefully sleeping with them, impregnating them and leaving them to their own fate.

Madam Kuutiero said Basic Needs Ghana in collaboration with the Centre for People's Empowerment and Rights Initiatives (CPRI) are working to help curb the menace of the abuse of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of Persons with Mental Disorder.

She stated that Persons with Mental Disorder could also marry and bear children and that any person who is interested in them could follow the needed processes to marry them rather than forcefully sleeping with them.

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